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I'm a scientist get me out of here!

I’m a Scientist is a free online X-Factor style competition for scientists, where students are the judges! It's running in Ireland during Science Week this November.

ReelLife Science competition

ReelLife Science competition is linking in with Science Foundation Ireland’s #sciencerising campaign with ‘Irish Science Heroes’ topic at secondary level, while for primary schools, they can choose ‘The Science of Farming’.
The full list of topics is as follows: 
Primary - The Heart; Life in Space; Science and Me; Our Many Senses; The Science of Farming.  
Secondary - The Brain; Myths Busted!; How Things Work; Irish Science Heroes; Everyday Biotechnology.

Space Awareness: Teaching with Space and Astronomy in the Classroom

Space Awareness are running a MOOC for primary and secondary teachers entitled "Teaching with Space and Astronomy in the Classroom". Registration is now open for the course starting on 5th September. JC teachers might find it useful for new strand. The Space Awareness Website also has resources.

Postgraduate Certificate in 21st Century Teaching and Learning in TCD

Postgraduate Certificate in 21st Century Teaching and Learning with Trinity College Dublin’s Schools of Education and Computer Science & Statistics, Bridge21 and the Trinity Access Programmes (TAP)

Education for Sustainable Development: Environmental Perspective.

Education for Sustainable Development: Environmental Perspective is a course which provides the knowledge and skills for utitlising Education for Sustainable Development either in a formal or informal setting. The course is suitable for teachers, youth and community leaders, Environmental Awareness Officers and anyone else interested in learning more about Education for Sustainable Development from an environmental perspective.

Festival of Curiosity 2016

The 2016 Festival of Curiosity programme highlights launched. Join in Playful Days & Curious Nights - July 21st- 24th. Tickets available on

Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Happy Birthday to Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, co-discoverer of the first radio pulsar. Jocelyn attended our annual national conference in 2013.

Institute of Biology of Ireland

The Institute of Biology of Ireland have organised two very interesting tours this coming Saturday.
The Institute invites its members, families, friends and general public to a guided tour of approximately 1.5 hours (morning session) of the award winning Birr Castle gardens and grounds, including the Great

ICI Schools' Chemistry Newsletter Competition 2016-17

The annual ICI Schools' Chemistry Newsletter competition is now open to all second level students. This year’s theme is ‘The Chemistry of Climate Change’. Only individual entrants are allowed. Full details attached and closing date is 23rd of December.

Bragg Medal 2016

Congratulations to Stuart Famer from Science on Stage UK, who won the 2016 Bragg Medal from the Institute of Physics. Stuart has been an ASE Scotland representative and attended many of the ISTA Annual Conferences.