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Launch of WITS Inspiring Women Science Careers video - International Women's Day event on March 8th 2012

‘So you think you know what a scientist is?’ Five leading women in technology and science are encouraging young students to ‘walk in their stilettos’ and see what a modern day scientific career is really like, in a video launched today by Women in Technology and Science (WITS).

To mark International Women’s Day, the women share insights to their careers, which vary from evolutionary genetics, marine engineering and pharmaceutical research, as well as challenge the gender stereotype of a scientist being ‘a man in a white coat working in a lab’.
The five women shared their inspiring stories and thoughts in a revealing set of interviews with students of the Lycee Francais d’Irlande and St. Kilian’s Deutsche Schule, with the aim of showcasing the variety of career opportunities for science graduates and what life as a female scientist is really like.
Participants include Professor Dervilla Donnelly, a retired research chemist instrumental in the establishment of the pharmaceutical industry in Ireland and most recent winner of the WITS Lifetime Achievement Award; leading researcher in evolutionary genetics at TCD Dr. Aoife McLysaght; Lieutenant Niamh Ní Fhátharta, a marine engineer with the Irish Navy, Dr Merle Missoweit, senior scientist in Fraunhofer Institute and Prof Nicole Moreau IUPAC.