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November Chemistry Network Meetings

Changes to the current chemistry syllabus AND the 2014 LC Chemistry paper will be discussed on the night in these Chemistry Network Meetings. Resource CD available to attendees.
Places Limited Advance Booking Essential.

Ocean 180 Video Challenge

The Center for Ocean Science Education Excellence (COSEE) Florida invites your classroom to participate in the Ocean 180 Video Challenge, a nationwide video contest designed to encourage ocean scientists to share their discoveries and excitement for research with students and the public.

DART of Physics

New DART of Physics website launched. This initiative of putting interactive physics content on public transport that can be accessed through the commuter's smartphone was the winning entry in the Designs for Learning 2012 and the original idea of Dr Shane Bergin at Trinity College.

ReelLife Science video competition 2013

ReelLife Science is a brand new Science Communication video competition for primary and secondary schools, which aims to promote Science to a wider audience.  

X Factor for Scientists 2013

I’m a Scientist is a free online science enrichment project, X Factor style competition for scientists, where secondary students are the judges. It’s coming back to Ireland for the second time this November 11th – 22nd.

InGenious Competition

InGenious Competition for schools is open to all teachers from Europe. It aims to bring STEM classes to life!

SEAI - One Good Idea Project

The One Good Idea Project is an opportunity for students to inspire people to make small lifestyle changes that will use energy more efficiently and help tackle climate change.

Science Snaps photography competition 2013

The 2013 Science Snaps Competition has been launched. The theme is Exploring the XtraOrdinary of Science. Entrants are invited to capture and submit images of some of the fascinating scienctific processes that take place around us in our everyday lives.

Mission Higgs at UCD

The CERN travelling exhibition visits UCD Science Centre October 9th - 28th from 9am-9pm. To book a school tour contact

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