Angel City Flyers STEM Competition

Seosamh Somers launched the Aerprize STEM Competition in Trinity College at one of the Dublin Regional ISTA Senior Science Quizzes last Thursday.

Download (PDF, 23.56MB)

In collaboration with ISTA, Seosamh Somers, former Wexford man and owner of Angel City Flyers Inc, Los Angeles California, is going to provide two fully paid scholarships for two young Irish people to attain their private pilot license with them in Los Angeles.

The selection of candidates will be based on a competition to encourage STEM education and showcase the sciences through their practical application in aviation. The scholarship winners will train with them in LA over the summer vacation (minimum 16 years to start training and 17 to get their license). It is proposed that this competition would run every two years.

More details about the competition and its timeline on this website - and the May issue of our SCIENCE Journal.