Black Holes and Quantum Computers

The Irish Quantum Foundations 2019 organising committee would like to draw your attention to the IQF 2019 public talk sponsored by IOP Ireland:
“Black Holes and Quantum Computers” by Professor Marika Taylor, Professor of Theoretical Physics and Deputy Head of the School Mathematical Sciences, University of Southhampton.

Wed, May 22, 2019, 7:15 pm Joly Lecture Theatre, Hamilton Building, Trinity College Dublin.

The talk is free to attend but registration is required:…

This promises to be a very interesting evening and a wonderful opportunity for the public to have some of nature's most fascinating features, from black holes to quantum information, and their implications for the technologies of tomorrow, explained by a pioneer in the field. Young people are welcome, in particular Secondary School students.

Please see link below for some further background information on IQF 2019: