BT YSTE 2021

Best of luck to all involved in this year's BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition 2021.

The Irish Science Teachers' Association, Eol Oidí na hÉireann, is the professional association for teachers of science in the Republic of Ireland. As such it is represented on the relevant subject development groups of the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment.
Since its foundation in 1961, it has been providing continuous professional development and support for its members at both national and branch levels. Our founding fathers helped Dr. Tony Scott and Fr. Tom Burke in the establishment of the Young Scientist Exhibition.

The Association has close affiliations with the Association for Science Education in the UK and is a founding member of ICASE, the International Council of Associations for Science Education. It is also represented on SCIENTIX which promotes and supports a Europe-wide collaboration among STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) teachers, education researchers, policymakers, and other STEM education professionals.

The major national ISTA events are the Senior Science Quiz - held during Science Week since 1990, and the Annual Conferences which provide members with the opportunity to hear and meet national and international experts in areas relevant to science education. Due to the current pandemic, the next conference is scheduled to be held online on Sat. 27th March 2021. Our current Honorary President is Prof Luke O’Neill.

Members are also supported and informed of developments through the Association's website (, Facebook, Twitter, and through its Journal, SCIENCE, which is posted to members three times per annum.

The ISTA Annual Conference 2021 will take place virtually online on Saturday 27th March - full details will be posted on our website and social media platforms once all details are finalised.

It will be FREE to all MEMBERS, but there will be a charge of €30 (Membership fee) for NON-MEMBERS.