COVID-19 Engineering Design Challenge

The COVID-19 Engineering Design Challenge provides students of all ages with a platform to
identify and design solutions to challenges and world-wide problems related to the pandemic.
Students are encouraged to identify areas of need, brainstorm, design solutions, and
communicate their designs to their classmates, families, and community members via online
environments or following physical distancing guidelines established by their teachers and/or
schools. Participation can include simple classroom discussions and brainstorming sessions or
involve individual/group project development.

Teacher instructions for this Phenomenon-based Learning (PBL) activity, and a sample student
project, are available in the six United Nations (UN) languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French,
Russian and Spanish) plus Japanese, Portuguese, and Turkish on the project web page. Teachers
are asked to respond to a short survey summarizing the work of their students and will be
provided with a teacher participation certificate, a certificate template to personalize for their
students, a world-wide map displaying the countries represented by Challenge participants, as
well as a summary of all design project titles submitted by the end of each round of the Challenge.

COVID-19 Engineering Challenge Dates
Challenge 1: March - December 2020 – More than 300 students from 8 countries!
Challenge 2: January - December 2021 – Please join us in 2021!
For more information see and join the fun!