Dublin Branch: Teachmeet in St Columba’s College

Event Details

A Teachmeet will be hosted by the Dublin Branch of the Irish Science Teachers' Association on 10th March at 7 – 9 pm in WHISPERING HOUSE in St Columba’s College.

It will be an informal event open to ALL. We would like to have as many people as possible contribute so we would appreciate it if you could spread the word among your colleagues.

WHAT IS TEACHMEET? A Teachmeet is CPD for teachers by teachers. It is an INFORMAL, FREE, OPEN TO ALL session where we discuss, share and highlight best practices. Everyone is welcome from PMEs to retirees.

WHAT CAN I SHARE? ANYTHING! You can share an idea, demo, resource or a method that you find particularly effective in your classroom (It could be a website, an activity, a strategy, anything at all). There are two options for presentations; nano (2 minutes) or micro (5 minutes).

I DON'T WANT TO PRESENT, CAN I STILL COME ALONG? ABSOLUTELY! But we do encourage everyone to share an idea no matter how small. The more the merrier.

DO I NEED TO REGISTER IN ADVANCE?  YES! Whether you wish to participate in the presentations, or just prefer to be an enthusiastic attendee, everyone is welcome! For organisational purposes, we ask all those who wish to attend to register in advance at http://bit.ly/istateachmeet2020