Moles, Maths & Chemistry

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According to nearly every Chief Examiner’s report the topic of the mole concept is highlighted as a major problem for students in the Leaving Certificate Chemistry Examination. This is obviously a cause of concern for current cohorts of students who, despite the efforts of our fantastic teachers, may be missing out needlessly on crucial marks every year.

Michael O’Connor, a Chemistry teacher at Tallaght Community School has developed a visually appealing template for approaching certain calculations. The document will offer an alternative to the text-heavy commentaries that often accompany solutions based on the mole. There is reliable evidence for improved grades when using this method.

The genesis of this document is to facilitate simple logic development and demonstrate the applications of simple ratios.

This workshop has received funding from the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Empowerment fund and as such I will be there on the night to assist Michael with the delivery of the workshop etc.

Please email Michael O'Connor to book a place

Date and Location: Tallaght Community School, 17th January 2023, 6.30 pm.