ISTA – Lennox National CPD on Rates of Reactions

This presentation will be made by Dr Declan Kennedy, Department of Education UCC, in all the local Branches who have extended the invitation. He will cover the new topic of rates of chemical reactions on the Junior Cycle Science syllabus. This will include the factors that affect the rates of reactions and a demonstration of some relevant experiments in this area. He will also show how the new topics of Activation Energy and Energy Profile Diagrams on the syllabus may be used to assist our students in understanding the results of investigations to study rates of reactions. In addition, he will provide suggested solutions to the questions on Rates of Reactions on the SEC sample science examination paper and on the sample assessment items that accompanied the syllabus. Finally he will discuss the role of interpreting graphical data on the SEC sample exam paper.

Please note that this CPD event is for ISTA members only. 

The ISTA wishes to express its sincere thanks to Lennox Educational for their support in making the ISTA National CPD programme possible. A Lennox representative will be in attendance at the meeting to provide any assistance that you require and answer any queries that you may have.