Keep Calm & Trust the Science

Our Honorary President, Prof. Luke O’Neill has a new book out entitled ‘Keep Calm and Trust the Science’. Luke has become one of the most well-known and trusted voices of Ireland's COVID-19 pandemic. A world-renowned immunologist, he was thrust into the spotlight as we struggled to make sense of a crisis that saw the country grind to a halt. In these compelling diaries, Luke reveals what life was like behind the scenes as he endeavoured to keep calm and trust that science would save us. Set against a national backdrop of banana-bread baking, TikTok dancing, and outdoor bingo, as well as the devastation to life and livelihood suffered by many, Luke's lockdown diaries, reveal the highs and lows of work at the cutting edge of science in his Trinity College lab along with how he coped personally with the pressures of public life. Keep Calm and Trust the Science is an unputdownable account of one of the most dramatic years in Irish history from one of its key players.