Limit Less

Limit Less is a campaign launched by IOP to support young people to fulfil their potential and change the world by choosing to do physics from age 16. 

Young people are motivated by the great challenges the world faces, including climate change, public health and poverty. However, too many miss out on the chance to make a positive difference because they are put off from doing physics, a discipline which we know makes an important contribution to tackling these issues. 

The campaign will counter the misconceived ideas about physics that discourage many young people from choosing to study it at school or begin an apprenticeship. Limit Less also has a particular focus on young people who are underrepresented in the physics community: young people from poorer and disadvantaged backgrounds, young people from ethnic groups, young people with disabilities, girls, and LGBT+ young people. It will therefore also challenge the prejudice and stereotypes experienced by these young people that further deters them from physics.

To support the campaign you can:

  • View the Limit Less campaign report that sets out the case for the changes we are seeking.
  • Visit IOP’s website and sign up to support the campaign.
  • #IOPLimitLess Share links to the campaign materials with colleagues, networks, and social media. eg: The IOP is on a mission to ensure no young person feels that physics is not for them because of who they are. And we need your help.
  • Visit and join the campaign today.