PDST Chemistry Network Meetings

For the months of March & April Chemistry Network Meetings will take place from 7-9 pm in every Education Centre in the country. Places are limited so advance BOOKING ESSENTIAL. There will be two workshops: Resources for teaching Chemistry & Building a Website www.ichemistry.ie

From March 1st evening meetings will take place in every Education Centre in the country. Each of these meetings will consist of a workshop on the use of resources produced by a team of experienced Chemistry Teachers.
These resources include:
(i) PowerPoints
(ii) Past Exams and Solutions
(iii) Worksheets
(iv) Flash Animations
(v) Images
(vi) Video clips for each of the sections in the Chemistry syllabus
(vii) BBC History of the Atom (3 episodes) and History of Periodic Table (3 episodes)
(viii) Transition Year material


Download (PDF, Unknown)