Science Educator of the Year 2022

Congratulations to Professor Luke O'Neill, Trinity College Dublin, who received the BioPharmaChemical Ireland Science Educator of the Year Award 2022, at the annual ISTA Conference in UCC. The awards were originally set up by Dr. Oliver Ryan, University College Galway.

The Presidental speech was based on the importance of clear communication at all levels, especially in the Department of Education & Department of Health, after recent announcements that were poorly managed.

He has asked that the money associated with the award be split between the two charities:
1. Medical Help Ukraine - a group of Ukrainian doctors in Ireland
2. Depaul Ukraine which is part of Depaul International does amazing humanitarian work. It is supporting the emergency needs of people displaced by the Russian invasion in Ukraine and on the Slovakian border. Along with Red Cross, these are the only charities that have a direct route during war times and all monies go directly to where needed.

So please support in whatever way you can.

Photo: Prof Luke O'Neill, Ms. Mary Mullaghy (presenting on behalf of BioPharmaChemical Ireland) & Dr. Oliver Ryan.

Highlights from the weekend will be posted in the Members Area of the website in due course.