Science Technology in Action

Science Technology in Action is where industry and education meet to bring science alive in the classroom. On Thursday, 17th March at the Department of Education & Skill’s Clock Tower, Malborough Street, Dublin 1, the 14th edition of industry led education resource for schools Science & Technology in Action was launched by AG Education Services. Since the first edition fourteen years ago, over 200 lessons are now available to teachers and students of Science and Technology. Pictured are Tulsi Oza, aged 13 from Fingal Community College, Sword, Co. Dubln, Professor Brian MacCraith, President, DCU, Joe McHugh TD, Minister for Education & Skills, Ryan Walsh, aged 14 from Fingal Community College, Sword, Co. Dubln, Anna Gethings, MD, AG Education Services. Picture by Shane O'Neill, SON Photographic