SEAI Workshops

SEAI has two workshops both approx. 1 hr 15 mins duration available to teachers.

1. Energy in Action: an introduction to energy efficiency across the energy strands of the Junior Cycle Science specification. It covers the following learning outcomes:

PW 7 – Design, build and test a device that transforms energy from one form to another in order to perform a function; describe the energy changes and ways of improving efficiency
PW6 –Explain energy conservation and analyse processes in terms of energy changes and dissipation
NoS 10 – Appreciate the role of science in society; and its personal, social and global importance; and how society influences scientific research. 2. The Health & Wealth of our Oceans.

It covers the following learning outcomes:
Science EaS7: Illustrate how earth processes and human factors influence the Earth's climate, evaluate the effects of climate change and initiatives that attempt to address those effects
Science CW10: Evaluate how humans contribute to sustainability through the extraction, use, disposal, and recycling of materials
Home Economics 2.7: Identify how individuals, families and households can contribute to sustainable and responsible living
Home Economics: 1.15 Investigate the impact of their food choices from an ecological and ethical perspective
Geography: 2.6 Examine the causes and implications of climate change
Maths: U.7 make sense of a given problem, and if necessary mathematise a situation

Some Branches have booked workshops:
Wexford branch booked in to have the 2 workshops (linking up with the Education Centre) on 21.10.19 and 24.10.19
Dublin branch – Thursday, 3rd October at 7pm in St. Columba’s College, Kilmashogue Lane, Whitechurch, Dublin 16.
Sligo confirmed for March and May 2020

The workshops are also offered in the following Education Centres.
Clare 23.10.19 and 27.11.19
Tralee 17.10.19
West Cork 01.10.19 and 22.10.19
Limerick 18.11.19
Kilkenny 25.09.19 and 04.10.19
Leitrim, date to be confirmed
Kildare 26.09.19 and 10.10.19
Laois 09.10.19

These events are carried out by SEAI in association with ISTA and the Education Centres.
They are open to all teachers. Contact your local ISTA Branch or Education Centre.