Summer Teacher Trainings 2018 in Greece

Teachers are eligible to apply for funding to attend the Summer Schools in the KA1 Erasmus+ program (deadline 1/Feb /2018). You may find a guide on how to design a successful KA1 application here:

Open Schools For Open Societies: The OSOS Summer School ( aims to offer a high-impact and transformative experience in personal and organizational level.  Contributing to your own professional development, we will provide you with significant insights and tools to implement the necessary changes and with the intervention skills to best plan and then diffuse innovation in your own school, helping it evolve to an Open Schooling Environment, establishing Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) principles.You may also study this presentation that is particular to the Open Schools for Open Societies (OSOS) Summer School. The OSOS project is a direct continuation of the ODS and ISE initiatives:

Inspiring Science Education: The aim of the Inspiring Science Education International Summer Academy (http://ise.ea.gris to support the modernisation of science education and training, including in curricula, assessment of learning outcomes and the professional development of teachers and trainers, as well as to the wide adoption of the recommendations of the Rocard Report "A new Pedagogy for the Future of Europe" (Rocard et al., 2007), that sets the basis for the introduction of the Inquiry Based approach in the science curricula of the Member States…The Inspiring Science Education International Summer Academy is part of the ongoing effort to establish a European Science Education Academy which is supported by the European Physical Society (EPS). ! In this strand, please see also: i) The Mars Mission ( Creating a Mars mission in the classroom; ii) Stories of Tomorrow ( Digital storytelling to facilitate student’s deeper leaning in STEM; iii) Go-lab ( Global online science labs for inquiry learning in schools; Creations ( Developing an engaging science classroom; CASE ( Creativity art and science in primary education.

Open Discovery Space Academy: The aim of the ODS Academy is to support school innovation and to train school leaders and leading members of school staff to promote the development of their schools into open learning communities and thus improve the quality of all aspects of schooling.

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