Vaccinations for the Nations

Dr. Mike Ryan from the WHO spoke about how the COVID-19 pandemic is increasing the division between the richer and poorer countries and we in Ireland have had the opportunity to receive the vaccine very quickly. A non-uniform day country-wide in all schools to collect money for the WHO to supply vaccines to developing countries is proposed.

TY students at Maynooth Education Campus are asking your school to join them in their campaign to raise money for COVID-19 vaccinations in developing countries. They are calling on the youth of Ireland in all Primary, Secondary and Third level education settings to have a fund-raising event of their choice and donate the proceeds to our campaign 'Vaccinations for the Nations.

All money raised can be lodged directly with UNICEF: IBAN code: IE37AIBK93338424070037
Please use the campaign title 'Vaccinations for the Nations' when asked for a reference.

You can also email evidence of money donated to the fund to Vaccinations for the

Each participating school will be issued a certificate.

Coordinating Teacher: Catherine Roche (Kildare Branch)